Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Venue Search

I had a definant favorite long before the venue search began, but being the practical-minded engineer that he, the Mister wanted to make sure that we looked into all feasible options. We started with a list of rentable spaces on the Bloomington Vistor's website, and narrowed it down to about 15 based on our list of venue criteria:

  • able to hold at least 125 people comfortably
  • space for both ceremony and location
  • non-generic menu options
  • ample parking (parking in Bloomington near the IU campus is a nightmare. We wanted to make sure that there was parking close to the venue, and if the only close lots were pay lots, that we could buy vouchers and pay for the parking for our guests)
  • pretty! Small midwestern towns have a lot of "wedding venues" that are more like pole barns

What criteria did you use to come up with vendors to visit? Anyone know of good Bloomington locations?

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