Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Big Wedding Question Part I

You know how when you read wedding books, they tell you to consider a few key items first? Usually, these include budget, season, location, and guest list. All valid concerns, I agree. But that was not the first big question for the mister and I.

If you can't tell by earlier entires, I am a sucker for a theme wedding. Not nessecarily a costume-wearing, exact-detail replica of an event (not like a Star Trek wedding in Vegas - good for you if that's what you want, though!), but I love a cohesive wedding, like Mrs. Shortcake with her 1950s details, Mrs. Lovebug and her "Sweetest Type of Love," and my most-beloved Mrs. Petunia and her Monopoly theme (If you don't read Weddingbee, go there. Now. You can catch up and come back to me later.)

We both knew we wanted something like that. But what? That became our first big concern.

Are you having a theme wedding? What themes have you seen, and how did you decide?

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