Saturday, October 11, 2008

English Garden Wedding

I love grey - I know, I know, it's trendy. The "new" chocolate brown, which was, I think, the "new" black. But grey is certainly unexpected, and it pairs really nicely with other colors in a relaxed, cool sort of way. Something about grey and pink make me think English Garden - warm, fresh, but still sort of old-school and stately. As a side note, I had a cocktail last night that involved a drink poured into a martini glass over cotton candy. Delish, and would make a great signiature cocktail.


garden wedding sydney said...

When conventional British Nation Marriage ceremony come to mind, they bring with them ideas of the nation outside. Even if you are in the town, a location that is mainly outside is the choice of most of the people. It is a generally presented perception that the classiest weddings are presented outside, among home gardens and blossoms.

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stevenjared0853 said...

Thanks for sharing! I was actually looking for an open air event space San Francisco has, for my wedding. I have been going through different options and I haven’t found the right one yet. For now, the search is on!

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