Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Big Wedding Decision Part 4: Our Choice(s)!

I told you we picked three of themes to keep in mind, with plans to make the final choice after we secured our venue. The winners are: Alice in Wonderland (my favorite), Chocolate (the mister’s favorite), and Dinner at JFK’s White House (shared 2nd favorite). I am really falling in love with idea of a Wonderland Wedding in red, hot pink, blush, and black, with “Eat me” signs on the candy buffet, a white rabbit on the response cards . . .I could go an on about this (and will! I have a second set of boards for each of these themes coming soon). With these ideas in mind, we set out to find a venue that was both budget-friendly, practical for our guests, and able to be transformed into something themed and magical.

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Luis said...

We're going with a mad tea party theme for our wedding, so right now it looks like a bouquet of lanterns in the center of the room, mismatched teapot and teacup centerpieces as well as tall centerpieces with lanterns hanging over the table and lots of bright colors with splashes of purple.

We want the whole thing to be very whimsical and colorful and fun.

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