Monday, October 20, 2008

The Big Wedding Question Part 3

Now that you've seen the boards for the themes we were thinking about (ok, so a couple got omitted - namley, Grease and Across the Universe. I felt like if I couldn't easily make a board for a theme, there was no way I could make a wedding around it.) A few things stood out to the mister and I as we went over them: first, that some themes only seemed to influence color and food, like strawberries, cherries, and chocolate. Second, some ideas are really hard to convey, like Jackson Pollack or Warhol. We then had the hard choice of narrowing it down.

The criteria we used:
  • Can influence many different aspects, like invites, favors, and linens
  • Unexpected, but not over the top
  • Fun!

Since we don't have our venue secured yet (the venue saga is coming up next), we decided to choose our top three, and look at venues with those in mind.

Before I tell you what we decided, let me know what your favorites are! Are you using any of these themes for your wedding?


Molly said...

Love the Hawaii theme, but probably b/c that's what we have chosen for our backyard luau wedding. Where did you get the image of the yellow dress?

Vanna said...


The yellow dress came up in a google search for "vintage hawaian print."

A backyard luau wedding sounds so much fun!

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