Friday, July 11, 2008

Food Themed Weddings

The Mister and myself shared our first date at a Starbucks. (Isn't that horribly cliche? I try to justify it by explaning that we were both working nights, and coffee is a mainstay when you get off work at 7:30 am. Truthfully, it was only place open in the morning in our small town.) I love the muted brown color pallette in most coffee shops, and think it lends itself nicely to a warm, wintry, wedding feeling. I went to a wedding last winter year with a coffee and espresso bar, and that would be a great touch for any cold weather affair.

This board is inspired by my favorite food: strawberries. With a red and pink pallette (and a short dress!), I think a strawberry theme could be delightfully kitschy - and I'm a sucker for some retro kitsch. How fun are the flowergirl wings?

Is anyone getting their color pallette from favorite foods? Anyone planning a kitschy wedding?

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